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How To Deal With Gym Intimidation

By 16 augustus 2019Mental health

Ok, gym intimidation is quite a serious topic and problem when we talk about the training lifestyle. Sometimes it’s funny but at some point, it can be seriously harmful to women who lift. In this blog post, I’m talking about the various ways of gym intimidation. This blog post is not about how to overcome gym intimidation like the first time to a new gym or handling your anxiety.

The douchebag edition

Please note: I’m definitely not here to hate on men. Because most of my best gym buddies are men and they are AWESOME! But you might know them; they are hanging around in the gym with no real purpose. Just tryin’ some exercises they think will make them look badass like hitting the box bag a few times (WAIT WHAT, WAS THAT A LOW KICK WOW OK), doing some pullups, no wait, half pull-ups and all of that while they check out the room but especially checking out YOU. No, I’m not talking about your crush. I’m talking about gym intimidation. For some, the gym is a place to meet other people and I think that’s awesome. But when you only go to the gym to check out women while they do their quats, or even hit on women, then you clearly don’t get the point. I have experienced this type of intimidation and you might as well. It goes from just hanging around by you while you’re working out (probably thinking of a way to approach you), to the point they repeatedly try to talk to you when you already made it pretty clear that your here to workout and not to be hit on. I still experience behavior like this. I even had a few guys taking PICTURES and VIDEOS of me while I was working out.  I made my feel so uncomfy and mad at the same time. I’m lucky that my boyfriend and I have the same training schedule as 9/10 times. He keeps an eye on me while working out. But also my male gym buddies keep an eye on me. It sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s nice to have some others watching out for you. If you experience this type of intimidation, make yourself clear that your NOT interest or amused by this person’s behavior. If they don’t stop making you feel uncomfortable, then please tell one of the trainers in your gym, they are there to help you, also with things like this!

I’m not only talking about men, but girls can also be scary as hell too. To be honest it’s easier to make guy friends then girlfriends in the gym (if you are doing powerlifting, I think it is easy to make girlfriends if you follow group lessons like yoga, body pump, spinning, etc.) Somehow somewhere some idiot decided that we girls need to compete with each other. At all times. Criticizing each other all freaking day. Girls, can we please stop doing this? Let’s support the hell out of each other! Girls support girls. Support your local girls-who-lift gang! Except when they are real bitches. Then join your local men-who-lift-but-don’t-try-to-get-in-your-panties gang.

If anyone makes you feel very uncomfortable in the gym; THAT IS NOT OK! And definitely not something you should accept. Please reach out to a trainer at your gym or somebody else you trust to solve this. How do you deal with gym intimidation?

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