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BASICS 002 – 3 Ways To Train Your Calves

By 21 november 2019BASICS

B A S I C S 002
Explained: Foot Position on Calf Raises ⁣

Did you know that there are 3 ways to train your calves? It’s important you understand what you’re actually training when you want to grow your calves. So lemme explain;⁣

▫️Position 1: Target the overall calves ⁣
the standard position for calf raises with the toes pointed forward⁣

▫️Position 2: Target the inner calves
To target the medial head of your gastrocnemius, point toes outwards⁣

▫️Position 3: Target the outer calves⁣
To target the lateral head of your gastrocnemius, point toes inwards⁣

(You can also perform these exercises on a seated calf raise machine, smith machine, and leg press.)⁣

Know your basics and train with a full range of motion.

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