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Gym Bag Musthaves For Training


These are my essential workout gear for my training at this moment! Besides these, I also use pre-workout before I start my training and I drink my water with a scoop of iBCAA’s during my workout.

louie training musthaves
1. Strong grips
The strong grips I use are from XXL Nutrition but you can use them from any brand you like. These ones are originally for heavy back exercises but I like to use them when I use heavy weighted dumbbell exercises. They support the heavy pressure on my wrist and I can wrap the “flaps” around the dumbbell for extra grip.


2. Training gloves

I like to wear these during every workout. Most of all because my hands get sweaty withing minutes when I train. So I tend to lose grip (especially with pullups, etc.). To prevent that from happening I wear training gloves. These ones from Nike are very comfy!


louie training musthaves
3. Earbuds for music
I don’t know what kind of music they play at your gym, but at my gym, it’s more James Blunt then some badass hardcore sounds to hype you up. So that’s why I always train with earbuds. Also, it’s a great way to focus on your workout! I have two playlists on Spotify; when I feel badass (HipHop/r&b) and one when I really want to get hyped up and need to set some PR’s (Dance/Hardstyle). The type of music during a workout is very personal but if you like, try my “SSSHMOOD” playlist here, or my “NO PAIN NO GAIN” playlist here.


louie training musthaves
4. Lifting straps
I use lifting straps when I do deadlifts. At this moment that’s the only time I use them. But when you do deadlifts, these guys will let you lift heavier than without straps. Because you put the straps around the barbell, the barbell will more likely “hang” on your wrist and give you extra grip.


louie training musthaves
5. Water bottle
This one is quite obvious. You will sweat during your workout, so drinking enough water is very important. I like to put a scoop of BCAA’s in my water bottle.


6. Wrist wraps
The wrist wraps are very important for me since day one. Because although my arms are getting stronger and stronger I’m able to train heavier. But I have one problem; my wrists still have the size and strength of a 6-year-old. They simply can’t keep up with the heavy weights. It’s definitely one of my weak areas when I train. But it’s very important to know that it doesn’t help AT ALL when you wear them all the time. You need to make your wrist stronger, and putting on the wrist straps all the time won’t make them stronger. Use them in a correct way; I only use them when I use very heavy weights (like during a shoulder press) because ten my wrists tends to fold double because they can’t handle the pressure.  


louie training musthaves
7. Sports watch
To track my progression during a workout/day, I use a sports watch. I like to see if my heart rate is high enough during cardio sessions, how long I’ve been working out for and how much calories I’ve burned. The one I use at this moment is the Fitbit Inspire HR and I like it very much!


louie training musthaves
8. Towel
Just like a water bottle, this is a very obvious essential object when you train. I use a clean towel every time I workout. Want to know why I use a clean towel EVERY training? Then read this post


louie training musthaves
9. Resistance band
Okay, this one is probably not a musthave for everyone but it definitely is for me; the resistance band. It’s my ultimate warm-up tool when I have a leg day. I can really focus on warming up all the different areas of my legs and booty. There are also a ton of different warm-up exercises you can do with it. You can even do a complete leg workout with them. 

So these were my gym bag essentials that I use at this moment. Note: none of the above products are sponsored (I wish LOL). I bought them with my own money.  What are your musthaves for training?

strenght training

5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Weight Lifting


There are some things they don’t tell you about the weight lifting/training lifestyle. Especially for us women (these things happen to men also!). There are things I wish I would have known when I started my strength training journey. Luckily for you, I already experienced the things you won’t think of when you start training. Even when your not a newbie to training these subjects it can be helpful for you to know!

1. You can throw away all your clothes, every season.
When you start to change your training and nutrition, your body will change too (if you’re doing it right LOL). Which means that your clothes won’t fit you anymore after a while. They will either be too small (WELL HELLO LATS!) or too big (Bye bye bodyfat). And that’s not a one time occasion. During the year your body will keep changing. If you like shopping then this is awesome news for you. If not, my advice is to buy clothes that will fit you in any occasion and that will grow with your body, like hoodies, tank tops, leggings,  etc.

2. You will sweat. A LOT.
When you think you will only have a sweat session at the gym, think again. After a while of conscious training, you will start to burn more during the day. And that amazing burn will cause sweat. When you do a little sprint to the car; SWEAT. Cleaning the house? SWEAT. You will burn faster and more, which is a great thing of course. But be prepared to be sweating a lot more (and that’s perfectly fine). I use a special lotion called Odorex Extra Dry. This lotion suppresses excessive perspiration in a responsible manner.

3. If you’re lucky, you will look like a 16-year old within a few weeks/months.
Because say hello to ACNE. This is one of the hardest things for me, but no worries I got you girl with skincare tips in the gym right here. I have had acne myself for a while now and first of all, it SUCKS. It’s a bloody punch in my self-esteem, I can tell you that. But other than that; please know that there is NOTHING to be ashamed of! Many women (and men) who train regularly suffer from acne.

4. Say goodbye to great hair days
When you workout 5/6/7 times a week, your hair will get greasy and nasty because of all the sweating. Dry shampoo is your new friend!

5. Your tattoos will shift position
They do WHAT? The change position. No, it’s not magic. I have a cross tattoo on the back of my upper arm. When I got the tattoo 3 years ago, it was perfectly fitting in the middle of my arm.  When I was doing a shameless arm check a few weeks ago, I suddenly realized my tattoo had moved to the side of my arm. Because BOOM GUESS WHAT my bicep and tricep pushed it out of the middle. It probably won’t happen to every tattoo because my tattoo has a very specific placement. But be aware that they can move a bit more because your muscles will grow.

Still wanna lift weights, huh? Just kidding. You will get used to things like this, it’s just a part of the fitness lifestyle. And these things don’t count for everyone. Maybe you will experience none of the above, all of them, or other things they didn’t tell you when you started your lifting journey. Don’t hesitate to share these things in the comments below, I would LOVE to know!

strenght training

How To Deal With Gym Intimidation


Ok, gym intimidation is quite a serious topic and problem when we talk about the training lifestyle. Sometimes it’s funny but at some point, it can be seriously harmful to women who lift. In this blog post, I’m talking about the various ways of gym intimidation. This blog post is not about how to overcome gym intimidation like the first time to a new gym or handling your anxiety.

The douchebag edition

Please note: I’m definitely not here to hate on men. Because most of my best gym buddies are men and they are AWESOME! But you might know them; they are hanging around in the gym with no real purpose. Just tryin’ some exercises they think will make them look badass like hitting the box bag a few times (WAIT WHAT, WAS THAT A LOW KICK WOW OK), doing some pullups, no wait, half pull-ups and all of that while they check out the room but especially checking out YOU. No, I’m not talking about your crush. I’m talking about gym intimidation. For some, the gym is a place to meet other people and I think that’s awesome. But when you only go to the gym to check out women while they do their quats, or even hit on women, then you clearly don’t get the point. I have experienced this type of intimidation and you might as well. It goes from just hanging around by you while you’re working out (probably thinking of a way to approach you), to the point they repeatedly try to talk to you when you already made it pretty clear that your here to workout and not to be hit on. I still experience behavior like this. I even had a few guys taking PICTURES and VIDEOS of me while I was working out.  I made my feel so uncomfy and mad at the same time. I’m lucky that my boyfriend and I have the same training schedule as 9/10 times. He keeps an eye on me while working out. But also my male gym buddies keep an eye on me. It sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s nice to have some others watching out for you. If you experience this type of intimidation, make yourself clear that your NOT interest or amused by this person’s behavior. If they don’t stop making you feel uncomfortable, then please tell one of the trainers in your gym, they are there to help you, also with things like this!

I’m not only talking about men, but girls can also be scary as hell too. To be honest it’s easier to make guy friends then girlfriends in the gym (if you are doing powerlifting, I think it is easy to make girlfriends if you follow group lessons like yoga, body pump, spinning, etc.) Somehow somewhere some idiot decided that we girls need to compete with each other. At all times. Criticizing each other all freaking day. Girls, can we please stop doing this? Let’s support the hell out of each other! Girls support girls. Support your local girls-who-lift gang! Except when they are real bitches. Then join your local men-who-lift-but-don’t-try-to-get-in-your-panties gang.

If anyone makes you feel very uncomfortable in the gym; THAT IS NOT OK! And definitely not something you should accept. Please reach out to a trainer at your gym or somebody else you trust to solve this. How do you deal with gym intimidation?

strenght training