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My Journey

Help! What Causes My Acne?

GIRLS I NEED YOUR HELP.  I know I’m not the only one with this problem so help a girl out. Here’s my story:
Although I love the training lifestyle, something is really bothering me. I’ve talked a bit about this before: acne. It’s something I only had during my puberty like most of us. But a the age of 28, it’s back. My face is looking like a 16-year-old all over again. And first things first: acne or other skin problems are NOTHING to be ashamed for. Most of us have them and it’s FINE. But, with that said, I personally feel very uncomfortable with the amount of acne I have on my face at this moment. And it’s getting WORSE every week.

Of course, it’s a beauty thing, I want my skin to look as clear and flawless as possible. But most and even more important thing is that my skin and body are telling me something is wrong is my skincare/nutrition routine.

I’m dealing with this skin problem for a few months now and to be honest, it’s getting worse and worse with the week. After noticing the change in my skin condition, I immediately started to be more aware of my skincare routine in the gym (if you want to know more about that, click here). But even after taking care of my skin routine, nothing changed. So I knew that is isn’t my skincare routine that causes my acne, it’s probably something in my nutrition. And I must say that for me that makes it more difficult. Because where do you start? So here are some things that may or may not cause my acne as far as I know:

– My dairy intake is very little
– I stopped taking protein-shakes for a week now, can’t see any difference (yet) but I also don’t think this is the problem
– I did NOT change my nutrition
– I did change my skincare routine like 5 weeks ago, but it actually works for my skin (de rest of my skin besides the acne is looking fiiiiiine)
– Hormones? I do have an IUD. But I never experienced skin care problems for the last 5 years.
– Stress? I feel that every symptom nowadays is dismissed as “it’s because of stress” so let’s not go there
– No, I’m not on steroids
– I change my pillow cover every 2 days

So, yeah, to be honest, I have NO clue. Yes, I could go to a doctor but guess what I already did that and they thought it would probably be hormones or stress. But this is the same doctor that Google’s the answer to my questions so there you go. It took me some balls to take photos of my acne the last few weeks but to give you an impression:




FYI: The last photo is a week ago, it’s gotten worse this week

My boyfriend suggested my estrogen level is too high because of my protein intake. But after some research, we noticed this is not a common problem for women and more likely for men (testosterone). It never has been proven that protein causes a (too) high estrogen level and causes acne.

GIRLS I need your help. I need your advice. I know for sure that you can help me with this. What is your experience? How did you get rid of your sudden acne problem? Or are you in the same situation as I am right now? Let me know and please share all your knowledge in the comments below. Of course, I will share the best tips with you guys in a while and what worked/did not work for me. HELP A GIRL OUT!

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This Is Why I Don’t Lose Bodyfat


Sooo, I confessed to my boyfriend that I feel confused about my training and nutrition journey at this moment. My focus was never to lose weight, I just wanted to be strong and build muscle. And that’s exactly what I did for the last year. But because I never really (want to) focus on losing weight, I also did not focus on losing body fat. Yes, there is a difference between losing weight and losing body fat. 3 months ago I decided I wanted to have more muscle definition. I have build al that muscle but my fluff is still covering it. So, I decided to focus less on building muscle and more on burning body fat.

After almost 8 weeks I said to my boyfriend last week, this isn’t working for me. My body is changing very quickly, I’m still hitting PB’s (yay!!) but I’ve lost 0% body fat.

At my first measuring, these were my measurements:
29% body fat and 74,8 KG/164 lbs*

At this very moment, 8 weeks later, my measurements are:
29% of body fat and 74,9KG/165 lbs.

Exactly, nothing changed. Well, that’s not true. The way my body is looking changed A LOT. And that makes me happy! Somehow I’m more toned. And let’s not forget that my condition is at a very high point right now because of the intense cardio everyday! This also reduced my asthma for a big part. It’s not all fails but my goal is to burn fat and that’s the one thing that isn’t happening.

My daily workout routine right now:
– Start with 15 minutes of cycling with a focus on 150-160BPM
30 minutes of Strength training (split)
– End with 15 minutes of cardio (boxing, cycling, rowing, parkour or sprints)

My goal is to be in the “Fat burning zone” as much as possible. But when I looked at my workout statics last night, my boyfriend suddenly realized something. When you look at my workout results, you will notice that I’m chilling in the “Cardio zone” most of the time and very little in the “Fat burning zone”. But when I went for a walk through the park last week, I was in the “Fat burning zone” 100% of the time. WHAT?! You can see it in the screenshots below**:

So what does that mean? Well after some research we found out that I’m a “mesomorph” body type. A what? A mesomorph. You have three different body types and they require all different training and nutrition.

This is a mesomorph body type:
“Characterized as naturally muscular with a moderate frame, mesomorphs have medium-sized bone structures. They are well-proportioned with wider shoulders and a narrow waist and typically have low body-fat levels. Of the three body types, mesomorphs are the best for bodybuilding as they are naturally strong and can lose or gain weight easily.”
Source: acefitness

Except for the low body-fat level part, THIS IS ME. So now I know a bit more about my body type, I can slowly start to adjust my training and nutrition. The first step: spent more time in the fat burn zone during my cardio workout. In the last months, I did an amazing job building on my stamina. As a result that when I do my usual cardio/HIIT training, I will directly skip the fat burn zone and go to the cardio zone. Which is great when you do endurance sports, but not so much when you want to burn fat.

With this new information, I’m ready for a new training and nutrition routine!
Which will be as following:

– Start with 20 minutes of strength training (split)
40 minutes of cycling/walking with a focus on 110-120 BPM (Fat burn zone)

So now I know why I don’t lose body fat: I spent to much time in the cardio zone, and almost no time in the fat-burn zone. I’m excited to start with this new journey but it won’t be easy. Although the 40 minutes of walking/cycling will be less intensive than my former cardio routine, it will be pretty boring too. Because like most of us powerlifters, I don’t like cardio AT ALL. And now I have to do 40 minutes straight! *instant looking for new Netflix series* And I love strength training so much but now I can only do 20 minutes of lifting. BUT if this will get me closer to my goal, which is a lower body fat percentage, then LET’S FREAKING DO THIS!  I will keep you guys updated in the upcoming weeks about this new journey. And I will explain more about the different body types and the mesomorph body type (how to train and eat) in my upcoming posts! Which body type are you?

* Please note that these are measurements based on MY BODY. I’m 1.73cm / 5″8 feet.
**The app I’m using is the Fitbit app. It’s connected to my Fitbit Inspire HR watch.

strenght training